Mankind raised the stairs of history to leave footmarks of civilization. Social values form the foundation of civilization. Evolvement of knowledge & science lead to the benefits of civilization and leave its identity for the future.
The twenty-first century is highly civilized but the basis of social value is mishandled. Social value is neglected in every stage of life. Personal and society welfare are misguided. Life is crammed with fabrication, corruption, burglary, hijack, murder and misconducts. Conflict and clash have shattered self-esteem and tolerance, social life is trapped in the web of destruction and anarchy.
At such a time, this devastated society needs a group of young men, who can guide the society towards ethical values, good deeds, truth and moral ideology. Young men who are talent, hard-working, truthful and fearless soldiers who do not care the staggering sea waves, and capable of altering hustling storms. Such a group of young passionate individuals of Faridgonj Thana have sworn to the slogan “We shall bring a colored Dawn” under the umbrella of “Shapla Doel Sangsad”.
To establish Truth and Beauty by developing value of nationality, socialization and poverty elimination.
To give assistance to the development and upliftment of hidden intellect of the children.
     To encourage the youth for social works.
     To encourage the youth for social works.
     To increase the sense of social brotherhood by driving out the superstition, mis conception, untruth and unruliness.