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Mankind raised the stairs of history to leave footmarks of civilization. Social values form the foundation of civilization. The evolvement of knowledge & science leads to the benefits of civilization and leaves its identity for the future.

The twenty-first century is highly civilized but the basis of social value is mishandled. Social value is neglected in every stage of life. Personal and societal welfare is misguided. Life is crammed with fabrication, corruption, burglary, hijacking, murder, and misconduct. Conflict and clash have shattered self-esteem and tolerance, social life is trapped in the web of destruction and anarchy.

Vision & Mission

  • To establish Truth and Beauty by developing values of nationality, socialization, and poverty elimination.


  • To give assistance to the development and upliftment of hidden intellect of the children.
  • To encourage the youth for social works.
  • To increase the sense of social brotherhood by driving out the superstition, mis conception, untruth and unruliness.

Below are some highlights of the support provided (1996-2022) to underprivileged people with contributions from the Zakat Fund, Individuals, and organizations (e.g. HSBC, SCB, Bank Asia)

Approx. 20,000 students in secondary, higher secondary, and undergraduate levels have benefitted from the following support provided:

Monthly/yearly/one-off scholarship/stipend to the deserving students
Financial support for secondary / higher secondary exam registration
Providing books and study materials
Sponsoring inter-school competitions to find out talented students and nurture them
Setup 2 libraries to let students borrow books free of costs
Organize seminars to provide guidance on higher education

Women entrepreneurship/poverty reduction:

– Provided free sewing training to approx 3500 women from underprivileged families. Also distributed free sewing machines to 85 women to make a living.
– distributed rickshaws/van to financially challenged people to make a living

Access to healthcare:

– Provided free homeopathic treatment and medicine to approx. 15000 patients
– Arranged free eye treatment for approx. 12000 eye patients and eye surgery for 2000 patients by setting up an eye camp in the locality
– Provided free dental treatment to approx. 4500 dental patients
– Provided financial support to approx. 2500 people for medical treatment

Access to pure drinking water and better sanitation:

– Set up 08 deep tube wells to provide pure drinking water
– Set up 1200 hygienic toilets (through HSBC Earth Watch financing)

Environmental awareness and tree plantation:

– Arranged seminars/rallies to create environmental awareness (with financing from HSBC Earth Watch) among the students and villagers.
– arranged tree plantation activities and distributed more than 5000 saplings

Food and other essentials supply during the emergency period (e.g. Flood, COVID-19, etc)

– Distributed food and other essentials among 3000 people during emergencies e.g. Flood & COVID, ETC
– Financial support provided to 50 families for wedding arrangements and 75 families to build or major repair of house

Sports and cultural program

– Distributed sports materials among young people and students to engage them in sports activities.
– Organized 15 football and cricket tournaments.
– Organized 4 boat race competitions

Our Theme Song

We shall bring a colored Dawn” under the umbrella of “Shapla Doel Sangsad”

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