Since its inception, this charity organization has been undertaking many initiatives for underprivileged people in the locality with focus on:

  • Supporting Education
  • Poverty reduction
  • Women Entrepreneurship
  • Providing basic health care & Eye Cataract
  • Access to drinking water By Setup a Deep Tube wells and sanitation
  • Environmental awareness and tree plantation
  • Food and other essentials supply during emergency period (e.g. Flood, COVID-19, etc)
  • Sports and cultural activities (e.g. Foot Ball , Cricket)

Women entrepreneurship/poverty reduction Program:

From its inception, Shapla Doel Sangsad always wanted to improve the lives of the underprivileged women in the community by creating self-employment opportunities for them. In 2007, HSBC Bangladesh came forward and sponsored our first women’s entrepreneurship initiative to train underprivileged women in sewing/stitching and provide a sewing machine on successful completion of the training. This initiative has still been continuing with donations from individuals and institutions and supported 3500 women with training and free swing machine for some of the women to make a living. Needless to say that the initiative helped many families not only to come out of poverty but contribute to children’s education and healthcare.

Shapla Doel Sangsad is committed to continuing initiatives to improve the living standards and well-being of the underprivileged women in the community.

Free Doctor's Consultation

From January 1998, we start providing Free Doctor Consultancy services & Medical treatment to underprivileged people who are not financially capable of paying Consultancy fees to doctors. An MBBS Doctor from Dhaka visits the locality on a weekly basis. It proved to be very helpful, especially for underprivileged people with less access to health facilities. We still continue this successful project through the appointment of a Doctor (DMS & LMS) for the needy people in the locality.

Free Eye Campaign

From 2005 to 2022 we successfully organized 05 Eye Camps where more than 2000 visually impaired (Eye cataract) persons were operated (lance at Hurun Eye Foundation, Dhaka & Shapla Doel Sangsad premises through setup a Mobile Operation theater respectively. Apart from that, we organize free eye treatment program (except eye surgery) during Two Eid vacation every year. We have a plan to organize Eye Camp (for surgery) at least a once a year depending on the availability of Fund.

Free Dental Campaign

In 2007 & 2008, with the help of Suppro Dental College & Hospital, Dhaka Dental College & Hospital & IBNA SINA Pharmaceutics Ltd. Dhaka, we successfully organized two dental camps where underprivileged dental patients were treated at Shapla Doel Sangsad premises through Mobile Operation Theater respectively. We provided dental treatment and medicine to more than 300 underprivileged dental patients in the locality. It is worth mentioning that this is the 1st dental camp organized in the locality by an organization. We have the plan to organize a dental camp at least once a year depending on the availability of fund

Free Computer Training

We conducted a free computer-training program among the school & college students, most of whom used the computer for the first time. With the training, they are now able to operate computer & do their basic works in the computer. This project has been highly appreciated by the teachers and students. We are determined to continue this program.

Carrier Guide Line Program

In 2008 with the help of Dhaka University & BUIT students we successfully organized a carrier guide line program among the more than 1000 SSC passed students to aim how to goal set in future Bright Carrier & chance in the reputed University. It is worth mentioning that this is the 1st program organized in the locality by an organization. We are determined to continue this program.

Sanitation & Tree Plantation

With the fund received from HSBC and Earth watch Institute, we successfully organized Sanitation & Tree Plantation Project in 2005, the first of its kind in the locality. We arranged a rally with the students to create awareness for a better environment and gave a presentation on the environment among the School students, distributed sapling trees among the student as well as setup 200 hygienic complete sanitation among the 200 poor families who were used to live in the unhygienic environment and also were not aware of the danger of using unhygienic sanitation. The program attracted wide attention in the locality as well as in the local media. The Shapla Doel Sangsad arranged a tree plantation program on 12 JUL 2008 at Munshir Hat, Chandpur and planted various types of trees in the locality and distributed 500 saplings among Student & local people.

Uzzibok Training (Self motivational program) 2008

Shapla Doel Sangsad has successfully arranged Training for Local People at Shapla Doel Sangsad. In coordination with The Hunger Project Bangladesh arranged a Four (4) Day long training session named “Uzzibock Training" on 22 to 25 August 2008 at Munshir Hat in Faridgonj. Aligned with our goal to eradicate unemployment from our locality, we have arranged the training session to elevate the self force of the rural unemployed male and female. The main theme of the training was "A person with self force can never become poor". About 100 male and female participated in the training session where they were given training on how to become self employed with the help of their hidden self force. The overall training was both motivational and technical and the participants found it very beneficial. Representative from local governments were present in the opening ceremony and the Thana Chief Officer have appreciated our initiative and also urge us to continue our initiative to support our local people.

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